Thursday, 8 July 2010

auf wiedersehen Berlin !!!!

So the wander hath returned !!! Yes I am back from Berlin I was going to post from there but I was not willing to pay that amount of money to use the youth hostel computers.

One thing I did regret about my trip however was that i left just before the start of Berlin Fashion Week .... Grrrrr
Not a very stylish holiday I'm afraid because at 37 degrees, and being from Northern Ireland when as hot as it gets is 20 degrees, I was melting !!!!

But despite the extreme weather it was the most fun I've had in ages !!! Mainly because I got unbelievably hyper-active on the mystery soft drink "Mezzo Mix"

To give you an insight into just how high-as-kite I was let me tell you I was wandering around Berlin laughing to myself at the colour orange and singing the chorus of "Karma Chameleon" over and over again until my friends basically told me that if I didn't shut up I would get a pizza in the face... I then proceeded to attack my best friend Emma with a chair!!!

Well on the style front there isn't much else to report other than one thing I discovered whilst in berlin is that it is not only a lovely place but the people are also very stylish !!!!

Peace, Love and Pop Tarts xxx