Sunday, 17 January 2010

technologically backward much !!!

Sorry guys I've such an awful little blogger recently !!! But I do have a bit of an excuse that is that at the moment none of the computers in my house will go onto the internet at the present moment !!! I know what you're thinking "what a tragic life this poor girl leads !!!" but fear not dear readers I am writing this from my lovely blackberry. Which just so happens to be PURPLE that's right people !!!! But unfortunately that means no pictures of beautiful things for some strange reason. But I'm sure all will be well soon and I will be back with prettier things than ever.
Lots of love lou lou xxx

Sunday, 10 January 2010

stay strong !!!

As some of you may know it is unbelievably hard to express your style if you live in a small are deemed "weird".but believe me it is better to wear what you want and not let people put you down! Because you have twice as much style as they ever will !!! For example where I live people seem to think it is illegal for a normal teenager to wear a pair of high heels !!! You will turn around and there will be someone smirking at you!!! But when this happens you must remember that no matter what fantastic concoction you are wearing you will always look better than the person wearing the smirk

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

charlotte's web

I have just discovered something which many of you may already know, this discovery is that of the fabulous Charlotte Russe. The website offers a range of gorgeous clothes for surprisingly reasonable prices. I have fallen in love with some of these pieces and I love love LOVE this dress especially because of the origami pleat on the bust because you usually can't get that on retail at a good price. Sorry it's not a great picture but it is better on the website. They do everything from accessories to outerwear. I was super surprised when I saw this and realised that I was looking a something I loved that I could actually afford !!!! This dress is a uber - fabulous steal at $32.99 !!! I wish I had time to write about the rest of the amazing things on this website but I promise I will come back to them !!!!! :)

Saturday, 2 January 2010

J'adore le veste !!! ( i love the jacket !!! )

Hello lovely stylish people !!!!! Today I've decided to write about a fabulous ensemble from Chanel designed by the genius Karl Lagerfeld. That man deserves a nobel prize !!!!

  1. Lets start with the jacket I love the gorgeous tweed look as that gives it a lovely sophisticated feel (emphasised by the black and white theme) but then the gorgeous frills and cropped sleeves add an amazing fresh young edge !!!!! I'M IN LOVE !!!!!!

  2. The skirt. The black and white hitched up lace is so different and so gorgeous!!!!

  3. those white tights are so simple but so effective.

  4. I have a soft spot for shoes and these are truly a work of art I especially love the ballerina ribbons. So cute !!!

Karl Lagerfeld is truly AMAZING!!!!

such a pretty face !

I stumbled across this little beauty the other day and I just thought that I had to share this with all you lovely people !!!! What a way to stand out from the boring, "safe" crowd !!!!!! I think it's from a japanese brand Muji. I'm sorry that I don't know anything more but if I do find out any more info I'll let y'all know !!!!!! How cute is that bag !!!!!! :)