Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Hey There, I Like Your Hair

So new hair cut people!!! Very exciting and to me very short (to you probably not so much but my hair used to be down to my waist!!!!).

So this got me thinking about some of lady gaga's hairstyles...
Although I don't always agree with her taste in fashion or what she does or err...forms with her hair I do respect her fearlessness. Plus you have to admit some or those hairstyles are pretty darn cool. I also respect her ability to sit still while someone does her hair like that I mean that must take hours !!!

Monday, 29 March 2010

The Althletes of God ...

OK so this post is inspired by the fabulous art of ballet. mainly because I'm currently writing this after spending the whole of last week either hiding backstage or siting in a dressing room breathing in hairspray at a dance competition. (big well done to everyone at Mrs Conn's DA!!!) I hope this explains the extream lack of posting recently !!! Sorry about that !!!!

So i was thinking about dance in fashion and then I found some pictures by Tim Walker (below).

I thought these were so magical (again with my love of Alice In Wonderland)

I'm pretty sure these are all Dolce and Gabbana

Hello Moschino

J. Mendel

Alberta Ferretti

I love seeing reflections of dance in fashion because both worlds are so surreal !!!

I guess I can only dream of one of these being my next costume !!!!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

a pigeon on the runway there's something you don't see at chanel

So on Wednesday I was at Magners Light fashion shows where the evening didn't get off to a great start with the pigeons in st George's market and the freezing cold. But thankfully the Andy Warhol silk dress i was wearing kept me pretty warm. i should think that by now everyone should know that my camera is prone to having little nervous breakdowns so i don't have any pictures of what i was wearing but i can tell you it involved a gorgeous pair of red platformed heels, and a red and black lulu Rose bow hair clip bigger than my head.

I won't bore you with all the details but let us say that the magic of Paris was lost at this show.

However the evening did get slightly better when I purchased a vintage hounds tooth design dress !!!!!! (Yet again there will be some pictures soon as due to the mental health problems of my camera)

But the dress did make me think of Moschino fall 2009 which ever since i saw the collection i have been looking for something that made me think of my love for the 1920's and my love of this one of my all time favourite collections.
I was actually surprised by how my the dress I bought was like the one in the ad campaign except it is round necked. Apart from that it is pretty similar (except I'm not that skinny!!!!!)

Sunday, 21 March 2010

How very odd darlings,how very ODD !!!!

Now you know I am all for bringing you all the weird, wonderful and everything in between so I spotted these shoes designed by Ronaldo Frago and I thought I just had to share them with everyone !!!! (the trainers are made out of cardboard but my favourite are the Hot Wheels aren't they cute !!!!)

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Why Is A Raven Like A Writing Desk ?

So a few days ago I was meant to go to the gym but to cut a long story short I choked on a nut in history class and ended up going to see Alice in Wonderland at the cinema with my dad. Now I have to say that I have always been fascinated with the story of "Alice In Wonderland" & "Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There" so I was really excited when the film came out and it did not disappoint !!!

But what this post is really about is when I was watching the film how much I loved the costumes and how they were made part of the story. There was one particular costume, the red and black dress, that I thought was very Alexander McQueen & Betsy Johnson. I also loved some of the other characters costumes too because the costumes were really part of it all !!!
But before I go I have to ask if anyone knows why a raven is like a writng desk ???

Saturday, 13 March 2010

A simple girl like me can only dream ...

Well I must let you all know that i did fully intend put up another post before now but what with major life choices and ballet exams my head was spinning!!!
But any way as you all should be aware of this surprise seasons IT bag is the backpack !!!!!
Finally a bag for this season that is pretty and practical !!!!

Well my top 5 go to brands for backpacks this season will be ...
Roxy - the surfer look is great for spring and Roxy really reflects this

Le Sport Sac - their prints are always something cool and different
Prada - If you are rocking the military jacket trend this season or even if you just want to twist your outfit in a different direction this is perfect

Louis Vuitton - I think that if you are in the "i really can't be bothered" mode this adds a wee bit of chic to something that isn't 100% special

Marc Jacobs - This is cute. Really playground cool (in good way)and oh so very Marc.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Harajuku Girls, I'm looking at you girls, You're so original girls...

OK as you can probably tell from the title made up of the Gwen Steffani song lyrics I am really inspired at the moment by ... (can you guess?)


I really want to be one of them because I've never seen anything like it before!!!!

For those of you who know a bit about harajuku style you'll know that there are different types of harajuku style and I could spend ages talking about them all but I don't what y'all to switch off so I'm just going to say that my personal favourite is the Kawaii & Decora style.

It's all about being cute and pretty and involves a lot of ruffles, pastels, there are lot bright hair clips and bows. I really admire their fearlessness although there are a lot of people in japan just like them other people are still a lot quicker to judge. There is a lot of things on one of my favourite websites "Heidi Seeker" really reflect this style which is why I love it !!! Also things like Hello Kitty and Tokidoki.
I totally see why Gwen Steffani is so attracted to this!!!!
Before I go I must say to a big thank you to Sophie who this post would not have exsisted without !!!