Monday, 29 March 2010

The Althletes of God ...

OK so this post is inspired by the fabulous art of ballet. mainly because I'm currently writing this after spending the whole of last week either hiding backstage or siting in a dressing room breathing in hairspray at a dance competition. (big well done to everyone at Mrs Conn's DA!!!) I hope this explains the extream lack of posting recently !!! Sorry about that !!!!

So i was thinking about dance in fashion and then I found some pictures by Tim Walker (below).

I thought these were so magical (again with my love of Alice In Wonderland)

I'm pretty sure these are all Dolce and Gabbana

Hello Moschino

J. Mendel

Alberta Ferretti

I love seeing reflections of dance in fashion because both worlds are so surreal !!!

I guess I can only dream of one of these being my next costume !!!!

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