Sunday, 28 February 2010

Betsy Johnson (for Hannah) my go to girl !!!

This was just a wee post about a thought I had the other day about one of my go-to designers when I'm looking for some inspiration to create an outfit that's more than a little bit different- the gorgeous Betsey Johnson.
I loved her Autumn/Winter 2010-11 RTW line because it was so youthful and so different. I didn't love absolutely everything in the show but I'm sure y'all noticed that a lot of the ensembles included the wonderful corset trend I had previously mentioned many moons ago.
In summary I am really inspired by Betsey Johnson (see I totally new this was going to be a pretty but pointless post). Also I thought it was so thoughtful at the end of the show when a model came out with the classic McQueen lips and the "Long Live McQueen" sign.

Betsy Johnson - fabulous...

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A little bit behind !!!!

OK I know I'm a bit late on commenting on Paris fashion week but it was always in my mind to do so - especially since London Fashion Week is now well under way. I thought I will just do a quick wee post on appearance - one good, one not so good.

firstly one show i loved was Chanel and the phenomenal hair !!!

you all should know by now that I love Chanel anyway but i did think that this did deserve a special mention as it was so huge and so amazing !!! Love, Love, Love it !!!

now on to the thing I personally thought was more than a little odd and was missing the third W of Weird Wild and Wonderful. This was the Acne show where someone was persuaded to let the models go out on the runway with huge circles of metallic makeup on their foreheads, frankly why anyone would do this is beyond me. Although I have to say I do think the clothes themselves are beautiful but it was kind of hard for me to focus on them !!!

Now on a personal note I would just like to say a big thank you to Katie who has been a really great friend!!!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Old Friends and Things of Beauty

OK so today's post was meant to be about a fabulous vintage fair I went to and my even more fabulous purchases. But unfortunately that's not going to happen because of my annoying technological disadvantages. So I've decided to write about a pair of shoes I recently bought which are the best pair of shoes I've ever owned (and i have ALOT of shoes !!!).

They're irregular choice "Dolly Bird Pom Pom Heels" (the best name for the best shoes).

I lave lave lave wearing these shoes because literally everywhere I go someone will comment on them !!! And that is never a bad thing, I'm starting to sound like a bit of a advert for these shoes so i think now would be a good time to tell you that they're a bit awkard because they're lined with velvet which means that you feet sometimes slip about in them sometimes. But on a serious note, look how gorgeous they are !?!?!?

I'm really sorry for bursting your bubble there. Please forgive me??? :)
loulou xxx

Saturday, 13 February 2010


My My 10 days since my last post alot has changed including the sad loss of one of my favourite designers Alexander McQueen.
McQueen brought little pieces of the real world in fantasical ways in to his collections and into the bubble of that is fashion. When you look at his work you realise that he wasn't just a designer he was an artist. He some how took fantasy and made it into an unbelievable reality. There has never been anyone quite like him and there never will be.
Rest In Peace Alexander McQueen. We love you.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

In my own cheesey style " Trend Alert !!!! "

Alrighty now, are you sitting comfortably ? Good. Then we shall begin.

Now last season we had eighties but this season one of our fabulous trends is *Drum roll Please*

Underwear as outerwear !!!

We have already seen some of the wonderful fashion people rocking this trend such as the amazing fashion blogger Susie Bubble. But on the runway we are seeing lots of this. A great example is Dolce and Gabbana (pictured above center) or Christian Dior (above right).

On the high street you can can get the trend at TopShop and probably H&M soon. but i think the best way would be to go vintage !!!! :) (vintage bustier above left)

This happens to be one of these trends that guts to wear this style but it is totally worth it and even though some people think it's a bit slutty if you wear it right you can keep it clean.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Hello !!! I'm back in the land of the technologically advanced :)

So today i've decided to write about one of my style icons and a woman whose style i think will be of big influence in the next decade, the one and only

You just have to love her music, her hair and of course her style
She really knows how to be a real fashionista because her personality really comes across in her style
It's common knowledge that if you go vintage you're bound to be individual, right ?
Well Ms Faith has an incredible sense for vintage but with a modern edge
But also some of the things she wears are completely off the wall (but in a good way !!!)
She has a fearless fashion sense and will always stand out from the crowd
I really wish I could write more on this (and believe me i could write alot more!!!) but time waits for no-one all thats left to say is that Paloma has rightly earned her place on the Sugar Coated Style insparation board !!!!!!
lou lou xxx