Sunday, 28 February 2010

Betsy Johnson (for Hannah) my go to girl !!!

This was just a wee post about a thought I had the other day about one of my go-to designers when I'm looking for some inspiration to create an outfit that's more than a little bit different- the gorgeous Betsey Johnson.
I loved her Autumn/Winter 2010-11 RTW line because it was so youthful and so different. I didn't love absolutely everything in the show but I'm sure y'all noticed that a lot of the ensembles included the wonderful corset trend I had previously mentioned many moons ago.
In summary I am really inspired by Betsey Johnson (see I totally new this was going to be a pretty but pointless post). Also I thought it was so thoughtful at the end of the show when a model came out with the classic McQueen lips and the "Long Live McQueen" sign.

Betsy Johnson - fabulous...

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