Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A little bit behind !!!!

OK I know I'm a bit late on commenting on Paris fashion week but it was always in my mind to do so - especially since London Fashion Week is now well under way. I thought I will just do a quick wee post on appearance - one good, one not so good.

firstly one show i loved was Chanel and the phenomenal hair !!!

you all should know by now that I love Chanel anyway but i did think that this did deserve a special mention as it was so huge and so amazing !!! Love, Love, Love it !!!

now on to the thing I personally thought was more than a little odd and was missing the third W of Weird Wild and Wonderful. This was the Acne show where someone was persuaded to let the models go out on the runway with huge circles of metallic makeup on their foreheads, frankly why anyone would do this is beyond me. Although I have to say I do think the clothes themselves are beautiful but it was kind of hard for me to focus on them !!!

Now on a personal note I would just like to say a big thank you to Katie who has been a really great friend!!!

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