Sunday, 14 February 2010

Old Friends and Things of Beauty

OK so today's post was meant to be about a fabulous vintage fair I went to and my even more fabulous purchases. But unfortunately that's not going to happen because of my annoying technological disadvantages. So I've decided to write about a pair of shoes I recently bought which are the best pair of shoes I've ever owned (and i have ALOT of shoes !!!).

They're irregular choice "Dolly Bird Pom Pom Heels" (the best name for the best shoes).

I lave lave lave wearing these shoes because literally everywhere I go someone will comment on them !!! And that is never a bad thing, I'm starting to sound like a bit of a advert for these shoes so i think now would be a good time to tell you that they're a bit awkard because they're lined with velvet which means that you feet sometimes slip about in them sometimes. But on a serious note, look how gorgeous they are !?!?!?

I'm really sorry for bursting your bubble there. Please forgive me??? :)
loulou xxx

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