Wednesday, 3 February 2010

In my own cheesey style " Trend Alert !!!! "

Alrighty now, are you sitting comfortably ? Good. Then we shall begin.

Now last season we had eighties but this season one of our fabulous trends is *Drum roll Please*

Underwear as outerwear !!!

We have already seen some of the wonderful fashion people rocking this trend such as the amazing fashion blogger Susie Bubble. But on the runway we are seeing lots of this. A great example is Dolce and Gabbana (pictured above center) or Christian Dior (above right).

On the high street you can can get the trend at TopShop and probably H&M soon. but i think the best way would be to go vintage !!!! :) (vintage bustier above left)

This happens to be one of these trends that guts to wear this style but it is totally worth it and even though some people think it's a bit slutty if you wear it right you can keep it clean.

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