Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Hello !!! I'm back in the land of the technologically advanced :)

So today i've decided to write about one of my style icons and a woman whose style i think will be of big influence in the next decade, the one and only

You just have to love her music, her hair and of course her style
She really knows how to be a real fashionista because her personality really comes across in her style
It's common knowledge that if you go vintage you're bound to be individual, right ?
Well Ms Faith has an incredible sense for vintage but with a modern edge
But also some of the things she wears are completely off the wall (but in a good way !!!)
She has a fearless fashion sense and will always stand out from the crowd
I really wish I could write more on this (and believe me i could write alot more!!!) but time waits for no-one all thats left to say is that Paloma has rightly earned her place on the Sugar Coated Style insparation board !!!!!!
lou lou xxx

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  1. love that outfit

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