Saturday, 13 March 2010

A simple girl like me can only dream ...

Well I must let you all know that i did fully intend put up another post before now but what with major life choices and ballet exams my head was spinning!!!
But any way as you all should be aware of this surprise seasons IT bag is the backpack !!!!!
Finally a bag for this season that is pretty and practical !!!!

Well my top 5 go to brands for backpacks this season will be ...
Roxy - the surfer look is great for spring and Roxy really reflects this

Le Sport Sac - their prints are always something cool and different
Prada - If you are rocking the military jacket trend this season or even if you just want to twist your outfit in a different direction this is perfect

Louis Vuitton - I think that if you are in the "i really can't be bothered" mode this adds a wee bit of chic to something that isn't 100% special

Marc Jacobs - This is cute. Really playground cool (in good way)and oh so very Marc.

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