Saturday, 2 January 2010

J'adore le veste !!! ( i love the jacket !!! )

Hello lovely stylish people !!!!! Today I've decided to write about a fabulous ensemble from Chanel designed by the genius Karl Lagerfeld. That man deserves a nobel prize !!!!

  1. Lets start with the jacket I love the gorgeous tweed look as that gives it a lovely sophisticated feel (emphasised by the black and white theme) but then the gorgeous frills and cropped sleeves add an amazing fresh young edge !!!!! I'M IN LOVE !!!!!!

  2. The skirt. The black and white hitched up lace is so different and so gorgeous!!!!

  3. those white tights are so simple but so effective.

  4. I have a soft spot for shoes and these are truly a work of art I especially love the ballerina ribbons. So cute !!!

Karl Lagerfeld is truly AMAZING!!!!

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