Monday, 31 May 2010


Right so, firstly : F A C E B O O K,

I have now made sugar coated style - the group !!!!! well actually I made it a while back but I just haven't gotten round to filling you all in yet so lets rally the troops and join by searching facebook for Sugar Coated Style

Now whilst I am writing this I am watching the fabulous episode of "Glee!" when they sing Lady Gaga songs and it has made me recall a few times when my style has been a repressed,

Like the time I decided to wear this :

Oh Yes bask in the glow of it's "Completely-out-there-ness"
and as usual I was prancing about the place (well not literally) up on my cloud when someone asked me,
"So are you, like , supporting Christmas or something???"
The answer to that was a very odd sounding "eh ..... no"
From me as I couldn't quite tell whether this was mean, passive aggresive, curious or just plain oddness (trust me it could be any of them).
I'm not really sure what the point of this post was so lets take some gaga inspiration from glee and lets all embrace our inner (and outer) freaks and lets all be freaks together!!!! YAY!!!!!
( Necklace from Heidi Seeker by the way )

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  1. pretty cute necklace,don't listen to the ramblings of oblivious fools!
    do some outfit posts! :)