Monday, 10 May 2010

Kisses - Crimson Kisses !!!!

So more infrequent posting but as usual I do have the excuse of exams (which I am definitely going to FAIL!!!!) but I am also not very well with the cold :(
I don't see why the call it the common cold it makes you miserable and then you feel worse when people say "It's only the cold" (she said wallowing in self pity!!!)

But there will be a lot more posting during the summer months speaking of which I'm heading to Boston over the summer so I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me some stylish spots. So comment on this post or email me or send me a pigeon, well maybe not the last one but the first two definitely.

Anywaaayyyysss .....
Red Lips something that has always been a part of fashion and they don't show any sign of going anywhere.
Red lips are totally my statement look it definitely makes people sit up and take notice!!!!!
They're something that we see somewhere every season on the runway without fail like Valentino S/S 07 which that was the signature makeup for the whole show...

They're classic vintage/Hollywood glamour/pin up girl but the trend isn't confined to the runway, today's stars are rocking this look...

So make people sit up and take notice with your crimson lips as they say any publicity is good publicity - well that's not really true but it's a nice thing to tell yourself !!!!!

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  1. hi louise,

    nice blog, and very nice profile! thanks for following me on twitter


    clau (from another another land that fashion forgot - austria ;) )